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..:: Kilka słów o pedofilii 45 ::..
Kilka słów o pedofilii 45

Ojciec Mateusz Roman Hinc

Kilka słów o pedofilii             45

Some remarks on paedophilia             45


Much attention has been directed to the issue of paedophilia recently. Unfortunately, the efforts of the mass-media do not seem to bring the expected results. To the opposite, we seem to acquire unclear knowledge concerning the syndrome of paedophilia as well as its scope. The paper is an attempt at systematizing knowledge of paedophilia and is naturally addressed to psychologists and psychotherapists, who are capable of aiding both the disordered persons and their victims. The paper is based on the latest publications presented in specialist periodicals within the last two years. It tackles the issue of defining the syndrome of paedophilia and its scope. The article presents the results of research concerning both the disordered persons and their victims. Particular concern is given to the latter. The author also indicates the consequences of paedophilia and dynamics of experiencing abuse. Some indications aiding diagnosis are also presented.


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Wydany: 2005-08-01
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