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Spis treści Psychiatrii Polskiej 1984
numer: 1
wydany: 1984-01-01


Parnowski T. [Psychopathological picture of depression in affective bipolar and unipolardiseases].[39]Psychiatria Polska. 18(6):577-82, 1984.


Wdowiak J. Kubasiewicz A. [Development of the concept of schizophrenia in the United States of America.I. Schizophrenia simplex].Psychiatria Polska. 18(6):529-35, 1984.


Wandzel L. [Various aspects of language disorders in schizophrenia].[25]Psychiatria Polska. 18(6):583-8, 1984.


Pospiszyl K. [Psychotism as a personality measure (remarks with regard to H.J. Eysenck'stheory)].[26]Psychiatria Polska. 18(6):603-10, 1984.


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Pilecka O. [Prolonged vocational rehabilitation of severely mentally retarded studentsin trade schools].Psychiatria Polska. 18(5):439-43, 1984.


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Brzezinski R. [Selected elements of complex therapy in the opinion of former patients ofthe neurosis ward of the Psychiatric Clinic in Bydgoszcz].Psychiatria Polska. 18(5):457-63, 1984.


Godlewski J. [Case of the lawsuit as a contribution to reflections on the etiology ofsexual deviations].Psychiatria Polska. 18(5):503-5, 1984.


Sanecka B. [Self mutilation of external genitalia by men].Psychiatria Polska. 18(5):507-10, 1984.


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Skoczkowski J. [On the 40th anniversary of death of Prof. Witold Luniewski, founder of thePolish school of forensic psychiatry (1881-1943)].Psychiatria Polska. 18(5):497-501, 1984.


Stelmaszczyk T. [The concept of the human being and the ethos of the psychiatrist in theworks of Antoni Kepinski].Psychiatria Polska. 18(5):487-95, 1984.


Terminska K. [Environmental factors in schizophrenia].[32]Psychiatria Polska. 18(5):465-7, 1984.


Kopel A. [Lithium salts in the treatment of schizoaffective psychosis].Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):279-83, 1984.


Gren K. Habrat B. [A case of simultaneous treatment of the manic syndrome and granulocytopeniawith lithium salts].Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):285-8, 1984.


Horodnicki JM. Czekalski S. Pobocha J. Wdowiak J. Golebiowska I. Drechsler M. [Effect of preventive administration of lithium carbonate on serumconcentrations of various pituitary and peripheral hormones in patients withendogenous depression].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):319-25, 1984.


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Sulestrowska H. [Evaluation of pictorial and verbal expression of children with schizophreniausing the fairy-tale test "The bewitched family"].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):339-44, 1984.


Dabkowski M. Przybysz K. [Anorexia nervosa--a syndrome or a typical psychosomatic illness?].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):377-81, 1984.


Czuma K. Sobczyk P. Podbielski Z. Prudlo J. [Theory of social roles in the rehabilitation of repeatedly hospitalizedschizophrenic patients].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):367-70, 1984.


Muskat K. Wciorka J. [Social adaptation of schizophrenic patients, former members of an ambulatorypsychotherapeutic group, in the light of a 4-year follow-up].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):363-6, 1984.


Kiejna A. Chladzinska S. [Characteristics of the working system in a psychiatric department studied byquestionnaires circulated among patients and their families].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):355-61, 1984.


Stanczak T. [Development and objectives of rehabilitation camps].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):349-54, 1984.


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Horodnicki JM. Czekalski S. Jarema M. Effects of thioridazine and fluphenazine on the pituitary, thyroid andadrenal functions in patients with paranoid schizophrenia.Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):205-11, 1984.


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Wrobel J. [Attitudes suppressed by culture and the individual and their reflection inthe language of schizophrenics].Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):241-6, 1984.


Frydrychowski A. Landowski J. Watrobski Z. Ostrowska B. [Use of acupuncture in the treatment of depressive syndromes].Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):247-50, 1984.


Frydrychowski A. Ostrowska B. [Treatment of narcotic dependence by acupuncture].Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):251-5, 1984.


Domachowski W. Talar M. [Occupational therapy in the therapeutic community of a psychiatricdepartment].Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):257-62, 1984.


Konieczny K. [Training of music therapists (the American experience)].Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):263-5, 1984.


Pilaczynska E. Bak B. Godziemski M. [Preliminary information on the working principles of a type ES-82 instrumentfor pin electroconvulsive therapy].Psychiatria Polska. 18(3):295-6, 1984.


Bidzinska E. [Premorbid personality characteristics in patients with affective disorders].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):313-8, 1984.


Bomba J. Bielska A. Jozefik B. Lebiedowicz H. Szelerewicz L. Zyblikiewicz D. [Evaluation of the incidence of depressive mental disorders of among childrenand adolescents based on the frequency of diagnosis of these disorders inpsychiatric care centers].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):327-32, 1984.


Grzywa A. Chlewinski Z. [Analysis of errors in the transformation of abstract concepts by patientswith paranoid schizophrenia].Psychiatria Polska. 18(4):333-8, 1984.


Leksowski W. Matysiakiewicz J. [Supportive treatment of schizophrenia--analysis of 100 cases].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):97-100, 1984.


Ponikiewska W. Chrusciel M. [Profile of the present-day sexual offender in relation to indecent acts].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):137-41, 1984.


Godlewski J. Jablonski Z. [Klismaphilia--a newly described anomaly, psychopathy or unusualphenomenon?].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):165-9, 1984.


Chlopicki K. Leksowski W. Kozak P. Wita D. [Preliminary results of studies on affective disorders among administrativepersonnel of a large industrial plant].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):147-51, 1984.


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Krzyminski S. [A model of psychogeriatric care].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):123-8, 1984.


Ekiert H. Gogol Z. [Adaptation of the sleep EEG under laboratory conditions in patients withendogenous depression and in healthy persons].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):129-36, 1984.


Bilikiewicz A. Chimiak-Drozdzowska E. Rymaszewska G. [Results in the treatment of depressive syndromes with once-a-day doxepindoses administered at bedtime].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):143-6, 1984.


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Giersz T. [A case of trichotillomania in schizophrenia].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):171-3, 1984.


Magiera P. Szyfer W. [Case of primary lymphoma of the central nervous system in a patient withsymptoms of a neurasthenic syndrome and suspected sitophobia].Psychiatria Polska. 18(2):175-9, 1984.


Pietruszewska I. Jasinska M. Lewicka-Wysocka H. Marcjan K. Stencka K. [Urinary excretion of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid and serum tryptophan andserotonin levels in patients with depression].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):9-16, 1984.


Krzyminski S. [Psychogeriatrics or gerontopsychiatry?].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):35-7, 1984.


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Chlistunoff W. Galinska E. [Diagnostic aspects of music therapy and psycho-drawing].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):57-64, 1984.


Pilaczynska E. [Selected psychological and medical problems of terminal-care patients]. [29]Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):49-56, 1984.


Sulestrowska H. [Projective value of the drawing test "The Bewitched Family" in neuroses andbehavior disorders in children].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):23-9, 1984.


Parnowski T. [Clinical characteristics of the depressive syndrome in unipolar and bipolaraffective illness].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):1-7, 1984.


Koslacz A. Chabrowska-Poplawska R. [Usefulness of disulfiram implants in the treatment of alcoholics].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):17-22, 1984.


Frydrychowski A. Ostrowska B. [Short-term results of treatment of smoking habit by acupuncture].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):31-4, 1984.


Gizinski W. [Syllogomania--a collecting syndrome of pathological origin].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):65-7, 1984.


Dabkowski M. [Psychiatric consequences of boxing in light of the case of encephalopathy ina boxer].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):69-72, 1984.


Hese RT. Trembacz-Zalitacz M. [Psychopathologic symptoms masking recurring myocardium infarcts (letter)].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):75, 1984.


Leksowski W. Krupka-Matuszczyk I. [Mental disorders in foreigners hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic].Psychiatria Polska. 18(1):76-8, 1984.