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Spis treści Psychiatrii Polskiej 1987
numer: 1
wydany: 1987-01-01


Nasierowski T. [The hospital for mental and neurological disorders at Kochanowka and Lodz inthe letters of Prof. Jan Mazurkiewicz to Stefan Zeromski 1902-1907.Contemporary scientific views of Jan Mazurkiewicz].Psychiatria Polska. 21(6):540-5, 1987.


Jarosz M. [The psychiatrists' opinions with regard to the significance of Pracoxgefuhlin the diagnosis of schizophrenia].Psychiatria Polska. 21(6):477-82, 1987.


Szelenberger W. [The two-process model of sleep regulation of Alexander Borbely]. [28]Psychiatria Polska. 21(6):490-4, 1987.


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Motak E. [The DSM III classification of anxiety disorders in the light ofpsychological models of anxiety].[31]Psychiatria Polska. 21(6):533-9, 1987.


Wielosz M. [Experimental aspects of electroconvulsive therapy].[37]Psychiatria Polska. 21(6):495-502, 1987.


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Jarosz M. Zaborowski A. Poprawska I. Bienkiewicz W. [The characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia in the light of opinionsexpressed by psychiatrists (II)].Psychiatria Polska. 21(6):470-6, 1987.


Banas A. [The social adjustment of patients with diagnosed simple schizophrenia].Psychiatria Polska. 21(6):483-9, 1987.


Stojek A. Bilikiewicz A. Lerch A. Carbamazepine and physostigmine eyedrops in the treatment of early alcoholwithdrawal and alcohol-related hypertension.Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):369-75, 1987.


Florkowski A. Ferfecki L. [A case of ketamine dependence].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):434-5, 1987.


Martynow R. Bemowa Z. [Post-traumatic Kluver-Bucy syndrome].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):436-40, 1987.


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Cendrowski W. [Psychosocial and social problems related to multiple sclerosis]. [23]Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):428-33, 1987.


Perzynski J. [Evaluation of remission in schizophrenia with pseudoneurotic onset].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):376-80, 1987.


Banas A. [New methods of treatment, changes in social conditions and the incidence andcourse of simple schizophrenia].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):381-6, 1987.


Lech-Sobczak A. [Sociomedical problems of patients with depressive syndromes in thepsychiatric outpatient health service in Elblag 1972-1981].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):387-93, 1987.


Muskat K. Wronska A. [Counseling for families of schizophrenic patients].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):394-400, 1987.


Palyska M. Raduj J. [Attempted changes in the attitude towards mentally ill persons througheducation (experiment conducted on a group of teachers)].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):401-6, 1987.


Falicki Z. Wandzel L. [Suggested general medical classification of mental disorders for educationaland medical purposes].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):407-10, 1987.


Masiak M. [Various aspects of electroconvulsive therapy in psychiatry].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):418-20, 1987.


Kubacki A. [Biological mechanisms of the susceptibility to alcoholism (letter)].Psychiatria Polska. 21(5):443, 1987.


Puzynski S. [The place of drugs acting "selectively" on synaptic transmission in thetreatment of endogenous depression].[4]Psychiatria Polska. 21(4):308-16, 1987.


Kostowski W. Plaznik A. [Brain structures related to the mechanisms of depression and the mechanismsof action of antidepressive drugs].[40]Psychiatria Polska. 21(4):317-25, 1987.


Wandzel L. [Effect of psychiatric studies on the attitude of medical students tomentally ill patients].Psychiatria Polska. 21(4):288-95, 1987.


Wciorka J. [Depression in the self assessment of depressed patients].Psychiatria Polska. 21(4):281-7, 1987.


Puzynski S. [The structure of the endogenous depressive syndrome].Psychiatria Polska. 21(4):265-73, 1987.


Godlewski J. [Typology of rape].Psychiatria Polska. 21(4):296-301, 1987.


de Walden-Galuszko K. Ladenberger-Leo E. Majkowicz M. Badowska E. [Psychological determinants of the reaction to work conducted in over- andunderstimulation of the central nervous system].Psychiatria Polska. 21(4):274-80, 1987.


Galeziak J. [The role of self concept in the etiology of narcotic dependence].Psychiatria Polska. 21(4):302-7, 1987.


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Bilikiewicz A. Sep-Kowalikowa B. [Electroconvulsive treatment: comparison of the effectiveness of unilateraland bilateral ECT and their side effects].Psychiatria Polska. 21(3):232-8, 1987.


Olajossy M. Solski J. Ksiazek A. [Plasma levels of various catecholamines in schizophrenic patients duringtreatment with chlorpromazine].Psychiatria Polska. 21(3):246-50, 1987.


Motta E. Rosciszewska D. Buntner B. Sliwa P. [Total serum testosterone levels and urinary 17-ketosteroids of men withepilepsy and decreased sexual activity].Psychiatria Polska. 21(3):251-5, 1987.


Bacia M. [Delirium after withdrawal of clomethiazole].Psychiatria Polska. 21(3):256-8, 1987.


Rybakowski J. [Clinical and biochemical aspects of the prevention of depression]. [40]Psychiatria Polska. 21(3):212-9, 1987.


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Welbel S. Brodniak W. Raduj J. Mocarska M. [Educational influence of families of schizophrenic patients treated at theState Institute of Psychiatry with regard to the patients' health and socialneeds].Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):97-102, 1987.


Sliwa P. Motta E. Rosciszewska D. [Evaluation of sexual and seminalogic activities in patients treated forepilepsy].Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):92-6, 1987.


Czabala C. [Psychiatric health services in Finland].Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):151-3, 1987.


Bidzan L. Motak E. [Social isolation of mentally ill persons exemplified by 2 patients (motherand daughter)].Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):145-7, 1987.


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Galuszko P. Jakitowicz J. Landowski J. Nowicki Z. [Plasma amitriptyline levels and its therapeutic effect in endogenousdepression].Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):110-4, 1987.


Dziduszko T. Stanczak T. [On the 80th birthday of Dr. Zdzislaw Jaroszewski].Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):82-7, 1987.


Godorowski K. [Activities of Dr. Zdzislaw Jaroszewski at the hospital in Drewnica].Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):88-91, 1987.


Godlewski J. Szalankiewicz M. [Apotemnophilia].[8]Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):141-4, 1987.


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Dabrowski S. [Changes in the proposed mental health act].[0]Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):121-7, 1987.


Sulestrowska H. Bieniecka A. Arendarska B. [Projection of the family situation by the pupils of the Children's Home in"The bewitched family" drawing test].Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):103-9, 1987.


Kloszewska I. Bogucki A. [Subcortical dementia syndrome].[38]Psychiatria Polska. 21(2):137-40, 1987.


Krzyminska E. Krzyminski S. [Remarks with regard to diagnosis of "reversible dementia"].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):69-70, 1987.


Klosiewicz L. Puzynski S. [Valproic acid derivatives: toxicity and adverse effects].[44]Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):57-61, 1987.


Lipska B. Szukalski B. Nurowska K. Welbel L. [Dynamics of the serum pipothiazine level in patients with schizophreniaduring long-term treatment with this neuroleptic agent].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):14-9, 1987.


Krzyminski E. Krzyminski S. [The nomenclature of senile dementia syndromes].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):68, 1987.


Nasierowski T. [The curriculum vitae of Rafal Radziwillowicz].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):62-7, 1987.


Nurowska K. Welbel L. Lipska B. Szukalski B. [The serum perphenazine level in patients with schizophrenia and the resultsof treatment].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):20-5, 1987.


Szukalski B. Lipska B. Welbel L. Nurowska K. [The serum fluphenazine level in patients with schizophrenia and the resultsof long-term treatment].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):26-31, 1987.


Wciorka J. Muskat K. [Value of psychotherapeutic procedures in the complex treatment of patientswith paranoid symptoms: an empirical evaluation].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):32-8, 1987.


Rzewuska M. Anczewska M. Wronska A. [Results of the treatment of chronic paranoid psychoses].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):39-44, 1987.


Bilikiewicz A. [Multiaxial diagnosis in psychiatry exemplified by the etio-epigeneticnosographic system].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):4-13, 1987.


Gerard K. [Treatment of patients with schizophrenia before their hospitalization1917-1968].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):45-50, 1987.


Gerard K. [Socio-demographic characteristics of patients with schizophrenia anddelusions].Psychiatria Polska. 21(1):51-6, 1987.