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Spis treści Psychiatrii Polskiej 1988
numer: 1
wydany: 1988-01-01


Marmajewska G. [Symptomatology of chronic and acute marijuana poisoning].[28]Psychiatria Polska. 22(6):474-82, 1988.


Slowik S. [Neuropeptides and the hypotheses regarding schizophrenic psychoses]. [35]Psychiatria Polska. 22(6):483-90, 1988.


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Zwolinski M. [Treatment of families with alcohol dependence in Poland].Psychiatria Polska. 22(6):457-62, 1988.


Poznaniak W. [Projection aggression among patients and personnel of a psychiatrichospital].Psychiatria Polska. 22(6):450-6, 1988.


Sidorowicz S. Firko M. [Mental disorders among active service military personnel hospitalized at thePsychiatric Clinic, Medical Academy, in Wroclaw].Psychiatria Polska. 22(6):444-9, 1988.


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Wciorka J. [Syndromological profile and nosological position of paranoid psychoses inrelation to the age at the onset of the disease].Psychiatria Polska. 22(5):342-8, 1988.


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Horodnicki JM. Jarema M. Warnecka-Przybylska M. Pobocha J. Szakowski A. Drechsler M. [Relations between therapeutic and hormonal response to neuroleptics ofpatients with paranoid schizophrenia. II. Secretion of prolactin andgonadotropins].Psychiatria Polska. 22(4):285-9, 1988.


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Maslowski J. The influences of cultural and racial factors upon therapeutic response ofthe schizophrenic patients.Psychiatria Polska. 22(4):273-8, 1988.


Modrzewska K. [Changes in the symptomatological picture of schizophrenia in relation to theintroduction of neuroleptics].Psychiatria Polska. 22(5):349-55, 1988.


Nowicki Z. [Selected parameters of sleep as a predictive factor in the selection of anantidepressant].Psychiatria Polska. 22(5):330-5, 1988.


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Wciorka J. [Patients' attitude to their schizophrenic disorders].Psychiatria Polska. 22(3):223-30, 1988.


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